More people need to hear Eben Moglen and Lawrence Lessig speak.

In the past 3 days, i’ve had the fortune to hear 2 extremey eloquent presentations about “Freedom”, as in Free Software, Hardware, Networks and especially culture.

Both of these gentlemen are incredibly eloquent, moving and extremely convincing. And both of them manage to express the importance of holding on to the freedoms we have, in the face of grave pressure from corporate interests. Unfortunately at a conference like this, they are preaching to the converted.

Other people need to hear this again and again and again….

One thought on “Lawrence Lessig and Eben Moglen

  1. Yes, I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Moglen speak at the Open Source Conference in Toronto last month (I posted a transcript online here: , third speaker down).

    He certainly has the gift of gab. It doesn’t hurt he seems to have extensively well-researched the legal issues – him being a lawyer, and all.

    However, the speaker after him (McGowan) did warn us to not get too drawn into the rhetoric (which he implied that Moglen spouted), and to remain pragmatic and stick to the facts.

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